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Kelcroft headquartered in Hong Kong has helped organisations for more than ten years creating innovative, energy wise built environment engineering solutions that lower the cost of doing business in Hong Kong, China and across Asia.

If you are seeking an internationally experienced firm, trusted by local and multinational corporations, then Kelcroft is your choice.

We have moved to a larger office, our new address:

Kelcroft E&M Limited
Consulting Engineers
unit 518,  5/F,  Hope Sea Industrial Centre
26 Lam Hing Street
Kowloon Bay
Hong Kong.

Kelcroft E&M Limited

Kelcroft Solutions

Kelcroft gives you the time to focus on your core competencies while Kelcroft solves your construction, energy, and engineering challenges.

Energy Auditing

Lowering your energy costs is a priority, Kelcroft's real experience delivers usable information to help you save year after year. We have in house REA (Registered Energy Assessor) To learn more about Kelcroft's energy audit service click here (Factory Energy Audit PDF

Green Building

Building a better green environment is a top priority and Kelcroft provides the green technical expertise and assistance to organsations seek BEAM green building certification.

green building BEAM LEED consultant


Sustainability is the only solution for your brand, Kelcroft helps businesses adapt and adopt key technologies for the new low carbon economy........ learn more

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Energy Saving and Smart Design

Providing energy saving designs for buildings and industry, our expertise lowers the operating cost for commercial buildings and industry, with the added benefit of reduced environmental impact....... click here to learn more.....

hong kong energy consultant


Our 30 year building expertise includes condition surveying and inspection...... click here to learn more

Tell a colleague If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Tel: +(852) 2335 9830
Fax: +(852) 2335 9862

Director John A. Herbert

Kelcroft 顧問工程師


讓今天解決明天建築環境的挑戰 - Kelcroft機電有限公司總部設於香港,十多年來,在香港,中國及整個亞洲,我們透過開發創新幫助企 業明智地使用能 源建築環境解決方案,使營運成本大大降低

可持續 性發展


hong kong energy consultant


如果你 正在尋找一間國際性而富有經驗的公司為你解決難題, 能 源顧問有限公司 將會是 你的首選。 原 因是在它在過往的訴 訟記錄中,均沒有任何本地或跨國公司投訴它的可信性及可靠性

解決方 案

Kelcroft讓你能有更多時間專注於自己的核心業務,同時 Kelcroft能夠解決您的建築、能源、和工程等問題 - 它就是這麼簡單

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家 居檢查 / 大廈檢查

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Kelcroft E&M Limited

顧 問工程師

香 港九龍灣臨興街26號

富 洋工業中心5樓518室
電 話:+8522335 9830
傳真:+8522335 9862
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Director John A. Herbert