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PRD Power Generation

25 May 2004 | Link | John A. Herbert

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The Pearl River Delta (PRD) power shortage problems has forced many if not all of the factory owners to employ independent diesel fuelled power generators in order to try and maintain factory production during the power outage.

This year (2005) the PRC Government has estimated the peak power shortfall will be 25,000 kw, unconvinced factory owners employ diesel engines exacerbates the existing environmental problems.

Energy Conservation

p2ep helps owners reduce their base power load, and therefore lower pollution. To read more about p2e2 here.

Using diesel engine driven generators for power production alone is not efficient. To improve efficiencies cogeneration would improve the overall efficiency from 30% upto 85%.
Optimising loads reduces the need for power, further reducing pollution impacts.

About Author

Mr John A. Herbert is a director at Kelcroft, a building services engineer with decades of construction experience.

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