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Datacenter Outage

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

You will have heard the news, a total power outage recently took down the very popular social-networking site last weekend (23 July 2006).

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So who's to blame when a web site crashes? The site owner? the host? The blame game doesn't seem to have started yet, as Myspace the latest mega-Web site to recovers after unplanned downtime.

When was their last time the E&M infrastructure was audited? obviously too long ago

MySpace is one of the largest sites on the net having approximately 80 million users, and estimated to garner 23 billion page views per month suffered a power outage.

The outage at the company's US based datacenter took down the entire MySpace website down - not once but TWICE. Starting on the evening of 23 July 2006, initially for six hours, and then 12 more hours after that. Reports indicate that both the main power, and the standby power failed.

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Of course the customers, are furious, venting their anger online through the blogging network. And although the web site is now back online, some glitches remain and the investigation into the failure is unlikely to be public domain.

"It was most probably the classic a single point of failure scenario, for a system with millions of users to lose backup power is a concern. Myspace is only one of the many data center's around the world that suffer unplanned outages, an independent infrastructure audit would have identified the problems long before the lights went out" said Mr John Herbert, an data center infrastructure specialist.

Myspace was not alone

In an unrelated incident, also on 23 July 2006 (Sunday) another data center also suffered an unplanned outage, this time in North London - UK. The Level 3 Communications datacenter suffered a prolonged outage, it is reported that after a utility power outage occurred, the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) failed causing an unplanned outage that lasted approx. 12 hours it effected customers included the publisher of IT Week leaving customer websites out of action.

Timely Downtime Reminder

These outages are a timely reminder that a data center's unlike other facilities evolve continuously reinventing themselves.

These outages have expose resilance and continuity problems, to ensure the essential services are maintained owners and operators must not overlook the essential E&M infrastructure that supports their operations.

Backup systems that do not work on demand is not a backup.

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Further Information

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