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Energy Conservation

26 August 2007 by John A. Herbert

energy conservation, electricity wastage

Daytime illumination? burning lamps continuously during the day and night wastes tremendous amounts of energy, and causes increased environmental impact for no reason.

In the photo above, Hong Kong, just one of many lamps that operate unnecessary all day long on a bright summer day. Is it possible to lower your operating costs without impacting your operations - Yes! it is possible.

Conserving Energy

Its obvious but needs to be said - Operating services, such as lighting and air conditioning systems when needed lowers costs and extends equipment life. Kelcroft solutions helps building owners identify and reduce their utility bills, and in turn reducing carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

Optimising plant loads to suit the required duty also reduces the need and the cost for power and energy, further reducing pollution impacts.


Mr John Herbert is the Managing Director at Kelcroft. Educated and trained in the United Kingdom, he has managed and engineered solutions for more than twenty years, across three continents, in several countries, whilst retaining a litigation free record.

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