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Energy Efficiency Seminar on 2 November 2015

John Herbert
John Herbert
Energy Consultant

John Herbert convened an energy efficiency seminar on 2 November 2015 concerning building energy efficiency and improvements.

More than 60% of Hong Kong's carbon emmissions, and 90% of the generated electricity is building related, that means improving building energy efficiency is the fastest lowest cost action you can choose to lower your future energy cost and the resulting environmental impact.

John Herbert, the keynote speaker explained energy use in buildings and cost saving opportunities "In reality there is no silver bullet, no single action or single technology that can tackle this problem" Herbert said.

For example, installing a Building Management System (BMS) is often touted as the magic solution, yet records show the energy consumption actually increased after the BMS was installed.

John Herbert and Tom JonesJohn Herbert (right) presentation to energy seminar speaker Tom Jones (left)

John Herbert and Paul SatJohn Herbert (right) presentation to energy seminar speaker Paul Sat (left)

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