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Hong Kong Fire Safety SCMP interviews John A. Herbert 13 Feburary 2017

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Fire and fire protection have been pushed to the front of the news in recent years, with increasing number of fires in Hong Kong, our director John A. Herbert interview was published in the South China Morning Post about Hong Kong's Fire Regulations system on 13 February 2017

"We spend a lot of time in buildings and always find irregulaties" Herbert said. Fire safely needs to be a higher priority in Hong Kong's high density urban environment, tall buildings are a challenge. As Herbert explained in the SCMP piece, the public may be surprized to discover that Hong Kong's Fire Services Department does not automatically re-check buildings after occupation, after occupancy the sole responsibility rests with the owner to declare the fire fighting systems are fit for purpose.

We often find Fire doors are wedged open, defective emergency lighting, even defective sprinklers systems, Herbert said.

Kelcroft consultant

Part of the problem is historical, many Hong Kong buildings do not have a contact point, there is no building manager or Incorporated Owners Committtee (IOC) but Hong Kong Government is active encouraging owners to form IOC to manage the building, repairs, and including its fire safety.

Kelcroft consultant fire door

Fire Door Wedged Open with Fire Bucket

defect light fire escape
Defective fire escape lighting

defect light fire escape
Defective emergency escape path lighting

Hong Kong building fire safety survey

About the Author

John A. Herbert is a veteran engineer with more than 30 years engineering experience, educated in the United Kingdom he has worked across Asia for the last two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA) and BEAM Professional.

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