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Energy Targets for Building Energy Performance by John A. Herbert

22 April 2017

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Improving building energy performance through energy codes is an important issue, its a good start but its only part of the picture. The actual performance dictates the building energy consumption and operating costs. The design by code may demand an energy efficient chiller, but outside in the real world, operation matters.

John A. Herbert Hong Kong cost saving expertise
John A. Herbert finds energy and cost cutting opportunities

The EMSD Building Energy Code (BEC 2015) is a stepping stone, it really only impacts new buildings, say 400 buildings per year, and the standard it sets is somewhat generous. For example, the criteria for a 100 kw VRV/VRF system, the BEC table 6.12a, requires VRF full load performance of COP 3.3. However, COP 4 has been available in the market for some time.

John A. Herbert Hong Kong cost saving expertise
Energy saving experts can idendify deferred maintenance

Even its name "Building Energy Code" is a misnomer, the code only regulates the engineering systems within the building, for example, air conditioning, pumps, fans, chiller efficiency, and lighting power, but the building envelope itself, is regulated by the Building Dept.

John A. Herbert Hong Kong energy cost cutting expertise
Affordable Infra-red Thermograhpy

The real challenges lies within the existing building stock, some 40,000 buildings that need attention. Its difficult to push the existing building agenda when Hong Kong's per capita carbon emission is low. But that metric is somewhat misleading because it does not count the related emissions from our imported goods, almost all of our food, wine, fuel, coal, gas, white goods, and even our water, is all imported, giving the impression that Hong Kong is very efficient.

But its not, from our energy auditing experience we always identify opportunities to cut energy costs. And that is the easy part in my view, the next step, implementing energy saving measures faces countless road blocks.

Call it the latest bandwagon "Smart Cities" will be adopted by Hong Kong, yet at the same time we find energy wasted, an office building running the air conditioning system all day and all night, including weekends, even when the building is empty. We find engineering control valves and dampers switched over to fully open position wasting energy, our goal is finding those details, the details matter.

About the Author

John A. Herbert is a veteran engineer with more than 30 years engineering experience, educated in the United Kingdom he has worked across Asia for the last two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA) and BEAM Professional.

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