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Hong Kong Smart Dumb City
25 March 2019

Hong Kong Smart Dumb City

Whatever the new Smart City fad conjures up in your mind, Hong Kong can't be considered a Smart City. Yes, we had the buzz, the big conferences, the big players but progress is glacial.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, first we need to consider the gritty smart city components to be assessed, its infrastructure, transport, residents liveyhood, sustainability, linkages, environment, pollution, and particularly its buildings.

Take pollution, considering the bad press concerning our buildings, you might be surprized to discover that actually the majority of air pollutants are attributed to shipping!

An example of dumb, HKSAR recently created a subsidy scheme, in 2019 the entirely based on paper forms, except when it was launched, the distribution centres ran out of forms, so Govt. asked the applicants to go home and bring their own paper.

Some weeks after their paper application, RTHK reports that some appliants are still waiting for the acknowlegment notice. that's right, it's something you would never witness in a smart city.

AI is another bandwagon to join, machine learning supports Smart City, and solve all our problems we are told.

John Herbert
John Herbert

About the Author

John Herbert is a veteran chief engineer with more than 30 years international engineering experience, educated in the United Kingdom, he has worked in the United Kingdom and then across Asia for more than two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA), a BEAM Professional, and stationed in Hong Kong.

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