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What's your Excuse for Ignoring Climate Change Part II
12 May 2019

#climatechangeexcuse, hi efficiency chiller
high efficiency chiller

Hong Kong's humid weather demands air conditioning and it need not cost the earth, the above chiller is an example, with nearly twice the efficiency of equivalent duty air-cooled chiller in Hong Kong.

That means approx. half the energy bill for the same chilled water output.

Compared to running your old chiller, a new chiller with lower energy costs pays for itself! And, its a drop-in replacement saving time and installation costs.


John Herbert, climate change excuse, kelcroft, #climatechangeexcuse

About the Author

John Herbert is a veteran engineer with more than 30 years engineering experience, educated in the United Kingdom he has worked across Asia for more than two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA) and BEAM Professional.

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