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Malfunctioning Fire Doors Invite Disaster
9 July 2019

malfunctioning fire doors invite disaster, hong kong
Malfunctioning fire doors invite disaster

Malfunctioning fire doors shown in the photo above, taken on 9 July 2019, invite disaster.

It's a foreseeable event, because fire is far more common than you believe, its not a rare event.

When a fire does occur, smoke will spread rapidily across the building, open staircase fire doors do not protect your escape path, the means of escape (MOE) will be filled with toxic smoke potentially trapping occupants in the floors above.

Any damage to the fire door, or smoke seal if fitted, is equally problematical compromising the compartment.

It's a vital part of a building's fire safety strategy and too often overlooked.

Fire Escape Combustible Materials

updated: 1 August 2019

combustible timber in fire escape
combustible timber stored in the fire escape

Storage of any combustible material in the fire escape is prohibited.

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