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July 2019 records show global temperatures rising
4 August 2019

BBC reported that the July 2019 temperature was maginally higher.

Different regions will need to resolve the different local impacts.

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One likely result in the areas with increasing temperatures will be the extra demand for electricity.

If the weather is hotter, more new air conditioning units will be installed, and existing air conditioning units will run for increasingly longer periods of time.

In turn requiring more electricity, and more electricity is likely to cause the release of more greenhouse gases (GHG).

More GHG emissions impact the environment increasing the demand for air conditioning......and the cycle continues.

BBC report July 2019

A key issue still not addressed, is future growth. As millions of people across Asia become more affluent, sales of luxury goods including air conditioning units will naturally increase, increasing the demand for electricity power generation and related emissions.

The energy efficiency rating of these new air conditioning units is almost immaterial, its the quantity, a million new air conditioners per year is still a million new air conditioners!

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