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Health and Safe in the Workplace 16 March 2020

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Let us remember that under Cap 509, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ORDINANCE, CHAPTER 509, employers are responsible for the healthy and safety in the workplaces including including offices, etc.

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A poor high rise drainage system can spread disease, remember drainage was called public health in the good ole days. #propertymanagement #buildingmanagement #conditionsurvey #buildinginspection #professionalservices #buildings #drainage #sewerage #housing #plumbing #plumber #engineering #hongkong #health #OHS #SARS #bacteria #coronavírus #covid19 #bathroom #kitchen

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update: 5 June 2020

LINK: Some occupants of the public housing Luk Chuen House, Lek Yuen Estate in Sha Tin, mainly flat number's 10 and 12, have been evacuated due to concerns over a COVID19 cluster.

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John Herbert is a veteran chief engineer with more than 30 years international engineering experience, educated in the United Kingdom, he has worked in the United Kingdom and then across Asia for more than two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA), a BEAM Professional, and stationed in Hong Kong.


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