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IAQ Incense Burning Issues
13 August 2020

REA, John Herbert, Registered Energy Assessor, rea, Hong Kong
John Herbert
BEAM Professional

A three year study of elderly residents by Chinese University in Hong Kong found that those people that burnt incense sufferred impaired cognition ability compared with people who did NOT burn incense RTHK news reported on 13 August 2020 {link}

RTHK report states:.....Results showed that the incense burners performed more poorly on a range of tests affecting a wide range of brain functions including their ability to think, visual spatial functions, and their memory.

the study is also reported and quoted in the The Standard

Businesses should be alert, we know some offices burn incense indoor everyday, exposing their staff to increased air pollution.

This study supports earlier work demonstrating air pollution impacts our health, not only for the elderly, but in adults and children too.

The message should be clear avoid burning any material, including incense, indoors, it destroys your indoor air quality risking your health.

You can compare the relative size of particles

particule sizes, covid-19, bacteria, sporesRelative size of particules, bacteria, and mould spores || click on image for larger image

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