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Hong Kong electricity consumption increased in 2020
23 February 2021

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

CLP press release mentioned that electricity consumption increased in 2020, whilst commercial sector reduced by 5.2%, but the residential sector increased by 9%. (noting that CLP distribution covers Kowloon).

Although the GHG inventory data will not be officially published until 2023, GHG emissions have increased, that is an obvious divergence from the government's targetted 20% absolute GHG reduction by 2020.

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Source: RTHK 23-2-2021

About the Author

John Herbert is a veteran chief engineer with more than 30 years international engineering experience, educated in the United Kingdom, he has worked in the United Kingdom and then across Asia for more than two decades engaged by international and local companies. He is a Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA), a BEAM Professional, and stationed in Hong Kong.


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date: 26-02-21

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