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BEAM Consultant

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by John A. Herbert ,BEAM expert

BEAM (Building Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary, private sector initiative that quantifies environmental performance of buildings (similar to LEED in USA).

Successful assessments are rewarded with BEAM certificate (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) demonstrating reduced environmental impact.

John A. Herbert as your BEAM consultant has expertise to advise you how to attain the BEAM certificate for your project whether new building (NB), existing building (EB) or BEAM consultant for BEAM Interiors (BI)

BEAM consultant
Sec for Development Paul Chan presented BEAM award to John A. Herbert

BEAM Consultant

John A. Herbert is recognised Green Building professional, his credentials include:

  • BEAM Professional, License no BP2010-0004
  • Chairman, BEAM Technical Review Panel (TRP)
  • Chairman, BEAM Water Aspects Panel
  • Member, BEAM Technical Review Committee (TRC)
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Council
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Faculty
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Faculty Selection Committee
  • Member, BEAM Framework and Innovation Panel
  • Director, BEAM Society Limited
  • Author, Bespoke BEAM (2010)
  • Instructor, Water Aspects for BEAM Professional accreditation
  • Instructor, Water Aspects, BEAM Affiliates accreditation
  • Registered Energy Assessor (REA) Licence: EA00496G
  • Accredited Energy Assessor, HKGBC BESTOO
  • Green Globes Professional (GGP) 2014
  • Member, EcoDistrict Advisory Committee
  • Member, Environmental Committee European Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

  • Past Positions include:

  • Chairman, BEAM Plus Interiors Rating Tool Development Committee (2012-2014)
  • Chairman, BEAM Framework and Innovation Panel (2010-2012)
  • Member, Technical Review Panel
  • Member, BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Working Group (2009)
  • Member, BEAM Plus Energy Working Group (2009)
  • Member, BEAM Water Aspects Committee (2010-2012)
  • Member, BEAM Faculty (2010-2012)
  • Member, HKGBC Founding Committee (2010)
  • Member, HKGBC Joint Working Group (2009)
  • Member, BEAM Society Executive Committee (2005-2016)
  • Member, BEAM Assessor Committee (2010-2014)
  • Director, Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies Limited

  • BEAM consultant
    left to right: HKGBC Conrad Wong, Sec. for Environment KS Wong, BSL John Ng and John A. Herbert

    BEAM is the driver for healthier, high quality, more durable, efficient, environmentally sustainable building, that creating healthier living environment in Hong Kong, whilst reducing excess and waste and adverse impacts.

    Director of green building, John A. Herbert has been involved with BEAM for more than a decade.

  • What is BEAM
  • Why chose BEAM
  • What is covered under BEAM
  • What are the BEAM benefits?
  • What about existing buildings?
  • Who is using BEAM
  • What is the next step

  • What is BEAM

    BEAM is a rating tool, not a standard, that provides and equitable framework for rewarding and recognising superior building performance.

    BEAM certified buildings will have been designed, and commissioned using best practice, having all aspects of energy and sustainability, and waste considered.

    BEAM is undoubtedly the leading initiative to improve environmental performance of buildings in Hong Kong, with nearly sixty million square feet assessed and certified.

    Unlike other initiatives BEAM certification is only completed after the project is completed, to ensure the promised performance is achieved.

    Prospective owners or tenants are assured that the best practice for sustainable building has been employed and achieved, adding value to owners who enjoyer higher occupancy rates.

    BEAM consultant

    BEAM consultant

    Why chose BEAM

    BEAM is a world leader, created before LEED and other rating tools BEAM has already certified hundreds buildings, covering millions square feet, including residential and commercial accommodation, and exceeds every other assessment method, BEAM by any definition is a world leader.

    BEAM consultant

    What is covered under BEAM

    BEAM is a comprehensive tool that provides a framework covering various building types, including mixed use complexes, both new and existing.

    The assessment is comprehensive and wide ranging, including design, master planning, construction through to commissioning and operation. for new buildings, BEAM NB has different categories:

  • Site Aspects
  • Energy Aspects
  • Material Aspect
  • IEQ
  • Water Aspects
  • Innovations

  • BEAM consultant

    What are the BEAM benefits?

    BEAM is no marketing trick, it is an independently assessed benchmark. For speculative commercial and residential accommodation it allows prospective tenants to compare one building with another, without marketing hype.

    Buildings with evidence of lower energy consumption and reduced environmental footprint are recognised with BEAM certificate.

    BEAM consultant

    What about existing buildings?

    BEAM framework can be employed to certify existing building, credits are awarded for improve performance and lowering energy consumption, water consumption, and waste.

    Whether a new or refurbishment project, BEAM strategies and framework can be employed to reduce building energy costs, and improve performance.

    BEAM consultant

    Who is using BEAM?

    The major developers and HKSAR Government specify and use BEAM for domestic and commercial buildings.

    BEAM consultant

    What is the next step?

    Appoint Kelcroft as your BEAM consultant today, the greatest advantage is gained during the design phase, where highest imapct equates to lowest cost.

    BEAM actively encourages design innovation, a far simpler process before the design is submitted for approved by Government (BD).

    Call Kelcroft today to order BEM consultant service for your project.

    BEAM consultant
    Right: John A. Herbert

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