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Air Conditioning

John A. Herbert | Director

Problems stop you doing what you need to do, waste your time and swallow resources that should be earning for your the business.

Air conditioning problems impact your workspace and effect your biggest asset - your people. increasing frustrations, lowering morale and reducing productivity.

overheating, Low delta T, poor air conditioning, chiller tripping, indoor air quality, high energy bills, sound problems are examples of E&M problems solved by Kelcroft's practical experts.

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Call Kelcroft to get the right answer

Kelcroft's helps your business save that wasted time and expense delivering timely solutions.

Solving air conditioning and cooling problems is just one aspect of our work, the root cause might be the ventilation system, we apply more than two decades of engineering knowledge to the problem, we are able to identify the root cause of problems and provide effective solutions.

Too often the heat rejection, from air conditioning units, is improperly installed causing excessive running costs, and other difficulties, Kelcroft identifies and guides you the solution.

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Considering an air conditioning chiller upgrade? which is the most energy and cost efficient option, has the heat rejection been properly studied? Kelcroft's years of practical experience helps organisations solve problems, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

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We find that many cooling tower systems essential for air conditioning are installed or operated incorrectly, causing lost energy efficiency, increased maintenace, and risking legionella infection. Kelcroft conducts EMSD cooling tower annaul inpsection audit to ensure your cooling tower system is operated right .....learn more

Air Conditioning help?

Whether your air conditioning problem involves 1000 TR central chillers, waterside issues, airside VAV, VRV, or indoor comfort problems, contact Mr John A. Herbert at our Hong Kong office today.
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