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Hong Kong Technical Appraisal

REA, John Herbert, Registered Energy Assessor, rea, Hong Kong
John Herbert
BEAM Professional

Local inspection of engineering, plant and equipment for international organizations whose staff that can't conduct site inspections due to travel restrictions.

Restore Certanity

We help providing local assessment and appraisal of engineering systems in Hong Kong.

Also, local inspection saves the cost for hotels, flights, and weeks spent in quarantine, instead call John Herbert 2335 9830 today!

Hong Kong remote technical appraisal for Hong Kong

ABOVE: Inspection of Materials on Site

Hong Kong remote technical appraisal

ABOVE: Inspection Control Panel Fire

For organizations that can't travel to conduct site inspections, we are on the ground already, to provide photographs, video, and reporting on your behalf.

To discuss your remote technical appraisal needs in Hong Kong, call John Herbert +852 2335 9830 today!


Take advantage of our decades worth of Hong Kong experience, check some results from our technical appraisals work:


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