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BEAM Professional

REA, John Herbert, Registered Energy Assessor, rea, Hong Kong
John Herbert
BEAM Professional

John Herbert is a BEAM Professional (BEAM Pro) providing green building specialist advice and guidance for BEAM certification of real estate developments and building projects using BEAM PLUS green building rating tools, including New Buildings (NB), Existing Buildings (EB), Interiors (BI), Special Projects, and Neighbourhood (ND).

BEAM Professional NB v2
BEAM Professional EB v2
BEAM Professional NB v1.2
BEAM Professional EB v1.2
BEAM Professional NB v1.1
BEAM Professional EB v1.1
BEAM Professional BI
BEAM Professional ND

Having all the qualifications provides the widest understanding for building green.

BEAM and BEAMPlus Consultant for HKUST Indoor Sports Center

ABOVE: BEAM Professional for HKUST awarded BEAM PLUS New Building Final Gold

BEAM and BEAMPlus Consultant for award winning design

ABOVE: Consultant for HKGBC Award Winning Design

John Herbert, BEAM professional

ABOVE: John Herbert teaches BEAM Professional course

John is registered energy assessor (REA) and has been closely involved with sustainable building and the development of HK-BEAM and BEAM PLUS systems for more than a decade. He has served on various BEAM committees, he is a member of Board of Directors and Past Chairman of the BEAM Technical Review Panel (TRP). He also helped develop the BEAM Professional training and examination system to educate Hong Kong Professionals.

John Herbert, BEAM Professional

As a BEAM Professional he is qualified to guide the consultant team, client, and contractor through the BEAM PLUS process, scoring, and BEAM certification.

BEAM Professional for New Buildings (NB)

BEAM PLUS New Buildings (NB) applies to whole building assessments, it is generally conducted into two stages, called the Provisional Assessment (PA) and Final Assessment (FA).

A Provisional Assessment (PA) submission is the first round, it is primarily the list of commitments of the features and performance of the building systems detailed in the contract documents. Although detailed in the contract, some credits require very detailed submission at PA stage to justify the claim features and or future performance of the development.2

The Final Assessment (FA) submission is the second round, when the features are installed, the performance data must be submitted to BEAM demonstrating actual installation, and performance of the completed building. For example, on site IAQ measurements and the like.

Under BEAM PLUS New Buildings v1.2 Innovations one credit point is awarded for engaging a BEAM professional for the project.

BEAM Professional for Existing Buildings (EB)

BEAM PLUS Existing Buildings (EB) in fact has two alternative schemes for existing buildings 1) EB Comprehensive and 2) EB Selective.

the key learning point is green operation of existing buildings, primarily to lower consumption of energy, water, and resource.

BEAM Interiors

BEAM Interiors (BI) is the green building rating tool for offices, and retail. Compared to BEAM PLUS NB, it has a different certification process.

The key differences include:

  • claiming Not Applicable (NA) is excluded, all credits are applicable
  • one assessment - after completion
  • site inspection BSL will conduct site check

  • With more than decade of BEAM experience, to engage a BEAM Professional Call us +852 2335 9830 today!

    BEAM Professional

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