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BEAM advisor

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

BEAM (Building Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary, private sector initiative that provides environmental performance rating for real estate developments.

Successful Real estate developments are rewarded with Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze grading demonstrating reduced environmental impact during the project development and its life cycle. The Final Assessment (FA) is only awarded after the features promised at the Provisional stage are installed and operating.

BEAM Professional 2017

Our director, Mr. John A. Herbert has expertise and HKGBC BEAM professional accreditation for BEAM PLUS New Building (NB), BEAM PLUS Existing Building (EB) or BEAM PLUS Neighbourhood (ND) and BEAM PLUS Interiors (BI).

BEAM consultant
Sec for Development Paul Chan presented BEAM award to John A. Herbert

Director of green building, John A. Herbert has been involved with BEAM for more than a decade, he is recognised Green Building Professional and his credentials include:

BEAM consultant
left to right: HKGBC Conrad Wong, Sec. for Environment KS Wong, BSL John Ng and John A. Herbert

If you need advice, call the expert to help create environmentally sustainable buildings creating reducing waste and adverse environmental impacts with the BEAM PLUS rating tool.

john herbert BEAM consultant
Right: John A. Herbert

for BEAM PLUS advise call us today!

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