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BEAMPLUS Interiors (BI) Consultant

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

After contributing to the creation of BEAM Professional (BEAM PRO) examination questions, and the BEAM training materials, Kelcroft's director John Herbert was one of the first to receive the BEAM Professional accredition in Hong Kong.

BEAM BEAM PLUS interiors consultant

Herbert said "The role of the BEAM Professional will be to drive green building, creating innovative and energy wise built environment solutions that lower the environmental impact of our building stock in Hong Kong and the region."

BEAM interiors consultant

Having a BEAM Professional on your team also helps the achieve BEAM green building Interiors certificate, and also earns one credit under BEAMPLUS NB rating tool.

beamplus interiors consultant

Our director, Mr John AHerbert is a member of HKGBC Faculty, BEAM Technical Review Panel, former BEAM Technical Committee memeber so provides invaluable advice for sustainable and green building certification.

BEAMPLUS Consultant

John Herbert is the principal and a recognised Green Building professional being invloved with the development of BEAM and BEAM PLUS for more than a decade.

John has been closely involved with the development of BEAM green building and assessment for more than a decade. He said "Too often the necessary expertise, including BEAM consultants are engaged too late in the process, many times after BD approvals have been obtained, immediately limiting the chance to influence the design"

"It is really important to appoint the BEAM consultant as soon as possible" Herbert said.

"....the entire design team, contractors, and specialists need to be engaged and involved in the development process, from day one."

It is a fact the our material resources finite, some types ore once used for the production of steel are already exhausted.

Therefore, we should be encouraging more design time, not less, using fewer materials that will be recycled after use. There is no point using materials on the basis that it could recycled, if the infrastructure does not exist.

In turn that means compensating the design team, contractors and specialists in new and different ways, not as present based lowest bid = least time model.

SDC and BEAMPLUS consultant for Interior projects, call our John Herbert in our Hong Kong office today +852 2335 9830

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