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BEAM Professional for BEAM PLUS

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Your BEAM PLUS professional helps and advises the consultant team to obtain BEAM PLUS certification for your development.

BEAM professional for BEAM PLUS

A BEAM PLUS Professional or simply BEAM Pro is a person that provides specialist advice and guidance for certification of real estate developments and building projects using BEAM PLUS green building rating tools, including New Buildings (NB), Existing Buildings (EB), BEAM Interiors (BI) or BEAM Neighbourhood (ND).

beam professional

Engage Early

It should be rule 1. Engage your BEAM Professional early in the process, earlier the better.

Remember, if you compensate the consultant time based on drawing production, drawing production is the result. Delaying BEAM until later is counter-productive, if all the key decisions are already committed to drawings.

Engage your BEAM Professional early!

beam plus professional

Encourage More Design Not Less

BEAM encourages the careful use of finite resources, that means more time is needed for design, not less, using sustainable materials must become the norm for construction.

Encourage manafacturers to declare the embodied carbon, essentially embodied energy in their products, the embodied energy and carbon tied up in construction materials is often overlooked and could be 50% of the buildings carbon footprint.

With a decade of BEAM PLUS Professional experience, dont forget rule 1, hire early, call us today!

BEAM Professional for BEAM PLUS


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date: 17-09-21