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BIM for Construction Design and Management

The management of information is a key factor for every successful project, this is particularly apt for construction project management where the number of systems and trades involved can cause unwanted delays and additional costs. Kelcroft BIM adds value to every project.

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The co-ordination of building services using only 2D combined service drawings is not ideal, BIM fills that information gap helping to avoid missed data on of the primary causes for costly site variations, rework, and delays.

What is particularly significant about the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) which is an award-winning virtual 3D building lifecycle technology tool, it helps eliminate waste and pollution and aids energy efficient design.  For example, the use of 3D design software to calculate precise quantities of construction material allowed the team to "design out" 15-20% of construction waste before construction commencement,  which affords upto 10% savings on the construction cost.

It combines the entire traditional 2D paper system into one 3D building information model. This facilitates exchange and detailed co-ordination between members of the design and construction teams, which leads to reduced costs and construction time and increased efficiency throughout the design, construction and facilities management processes.

BIM Building Operation

Another key advantage - your facilities staff can join the review and explore the entire building inside the 3D model before any piece of pipe is laid. Identifying potential maintenance problems in advance means that system design can be adjusted and refined, digitally on the computer before the concrete is poured.

BIM Training

Get your staff trained today - BIM is becoming the standard, for all major construction projects across Asia.

Training by a BIM professional with real-life BIM project experience is the answer.

Generating models using the software provided templates is not going to help real-life site and management problems, you need to know how BIM works on site. You need to know how to manage different trades? Who will responsible to update and distribute the latest version of the model? These and many more questions are answered by experts.

is your construction project ready for BIM

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