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Renewable Energy

by John Herbert

Building Integrated Photovoltaic :: BIPV

Building Integrated Photovoltaic or simply BIPV is the designed integration of photovoltaic solar cells into buildings and structures that will generate useful electrical energy for you and lowering your bills.

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Unlike fossil fuels, BIPV renewable energy is clean, quiet, and provides you with low cost green energy. In addition, BIPV energy eliminates the damaging pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHG) discharged during traditional generating methods.


In addition to the electrical energy generated PV panels also provide valuable shade.

bipv :: building intergrated photovoltaic solar solutions by Kelcroft

During the peak periods, buildings suffer the direct impact of solar gain, up to 20MJ per square metre per day, requiring cooling to maintain comfortable conditions.

The shade provided by BIPV helps reducing the incident gain, lowering the air conditioning load, and hence also lowering your electrical bill adding more value.

BIPV Applications

The choice of applications is really only limited by imagination.

PV panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, that might power DC motors for window blinds, directional signage, pumps, LED lamps or other DC requirements in your building.

When coupled to an inverter, PV green electricity systems create an alternating current (AC), with potential to drive lighting, ventilation fans, or perhaps export power to the transmission grid (subject to local code).

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Just one example, the Hong Kong Observatory use small hybrid systems. These are small RE systems, comprising a combination of PV panels and micro Wind turbines. These mini power stations generate electricity for remote monitoring stations. These mini systems save the first cost for installation of expensive power cables to remote islands and eliminates the utility charges too. Free green electricity powered by nature.

Whatever the application, BIPV provides you with a cleaner option.

The Code of practice for connection to the power grid - Gridconnect


BIPV is generally more economical, than a stand alone PV array because the largest cost components, provision of the land, and supporting structure, is already provisioned and accounted under the building construction cost.

Also PV field arrays are generally designed to sell electricity at wholesale prices, whereas BIPV provides retail rate prices - that could be four times higher than wholesale prices.

Buildings and other structures provides a ready made framework for supporting and housing photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Clean Energy

Generating electrical energy from renewable sources, PV or other technologies, reduces green house gases (GHG) e.g. carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

These saved emissions are a valuable asset, the credit (saved emission) can be traded under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) providing an additional revenue stream.

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