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Building Air Balancing

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In the tropics, the typical hot and humid outdoor air will condense on any cold surface below its dewpoint temperature.

Having the correct building air balance for air conditioned buildings, following ASHRAE 62.1. It is neccessary to avoid damp, mould, and the decay of the interior finishes and building materials.

building air balancing, condensation risk

Interior Condensation Risk
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Kelcroft has corrected the air balance for shopping centres, commercial buildings, office blocks, retail, museums, and sports centres, it is vital for energy efficient operation.

building air balancing

Building Air Balance Schematic
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Its complex problem, the increasing popularity of curtain wall construction brings with it curtain wall specifications with permitted infiltration rate, risking severe condensation in air conditioned buildings!

building air balance curtain wall

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date: 16-04-21
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