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green building Building Consultant

Kelcroft is building consultant based in Hong Kong. It easy to imagine the perfect green building, actually building it can be a lot more difficult. Every decision has an impact on the wallet and the world around you. That's why making wise choices is important from day one.

Building sustainably has to be carefully planned, commercial and residential buildings are in focus because the energy consumption both in construction, and more particularly operation is directly linked with the production of greenhouse gases.

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Customers Demand Green

Increasing the energy efficiency of your building through better sustainable design, retro-fitting and active management is more important than ever before.

Two thirds (66%) of people would rather deal with a low carbon and environmentally sympathic company. The chargable rent and occupancy in a green building is higher than ordinary buildings.

building consultant

Hong Kong buildings account for about sixty five percent (65%) of the Hong Kong's carbon footprint, and consume ninety percent (90%) of all electricity generated, so buildings are an obvious target for energy efficiency improvement.

There is absolutely positively no excuse for non-green facilities old or new

- Tom Peters

Benefits of Green Building

We face a silent crisis, we burn finite resources faster than the planet can sustain, add to that, pressure for change from customers, and the general public this environmental tsunami threatens every day.

Under the direction of Mr John Herbert, a BEAM Professional, and member of the HKGBC faculty, Kelcroft advise clients for:

  • BEAM Hong Kong's Green Building Rating System
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Rating Systems
  • BEAM PLUS Interiors

  • Having a BEAM Professional on the design team earns one credit point under the BEAM assessment system.

    Green Building benefits include lower operating costs, with reduced environmental impact, and marketing a credible certificate shows your customers your operating a green and environmental smart business.

    Green building benefits include:

  • Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance asset value and profits
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction/li>
  • Optimize life-cycle economic performance
  • Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments
  • Enhance occupant comfort and health
  • Minimize strain on local infrastructure
  • Contribute to overall quality of life

  • It helps align your business ambitions of your customers and the community. Stakeholders are tired of green-washing, like self declaration schemes) they recognise the value of independantly reviewed performance. For example, the WSD water quality scheme, we trust it.

    green building

    "green building will become the norm sooner rather than later"

    - John Herbert, Kelcroft

    Building Green

    South China Morning Post Green Report (Supplement) Interview with Director John A. Herbert 29 May 2009 (PDF, 1MB)

    John A. Herbert advises stakeholders how to create healthier, energy efficient and more livable environment for businesses that want to stay in business........BEAM PLUS consultant

    Don't be mislead greener does not mean sacrifice! Its not a sackcloth and ashes stratergy, it is a smart strategy, it can lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) year after year. It is the only real insurance against the future increasing costs, helping to futureproof your business and investments against the forthcoming resource issues.

    "Even in tough times, and perhaps particularly in tough times customers will demand more in terms of efficiency, quality and productivity. A built environment that is sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally is the only one worth investing in now."

    Mr Paul King
    Chief Executive, UK Green Building Council

    Kelcroft advises architects, engineers, and building owners helping develop high performance low demand buildings in a sustainable way today.

    Green Building Labels

    We use shortcuts everyday, whether its the household goods we buy, or tinned goods we chose. We don't have the time, expertise, or perhaps the inclination, to examine every possible detail, we learn to trust certain labels as an everyday shortcut, so we can get on with our daily life.

    Building developers and Government's find green building labels to be invaluable, as an independently certified green credential, it is especially useful marketing tool to attract and retain high value tenants.

    Many developers insist upon labelling, because international companies will only sign a lease in a green building.

    The Green Building sector has developed over the last twenty years, often including Green Building label, such as BEAM, as a specification requirement.

    Different countries have created different green building labeling systems:

  • BEAM (Hong Kong)
  • LEED (USA)
  • Green Mark (Singapore)
  • Green Star (Australia)
  • Green Globe (Canada)
  • Lotus (Vietnam)

    Whilst each green building rating tool is different, to suit the local situation, essentially each has the same underlying goal, to provide a benchmark for sustainable and environmentally construction that is better than the local building code.

    "Use your local rating system"

    Jane Hedley
    Former World Green Building Council CEO

    It is worthy to note that Kelcroft adopts an integrated design approach, for the local BEAM rating system, still twenty years on, it is not the norm.

    Call Kelcroft today for your green building consultant.

    Rating Tools Green Building

    A green building rating tool provides a guide to score your building compared with other similar buildings. Our director, Mr John A. Herbert, has been involved with the development of rating tools for more than a decade. In 2012 he was the BEAM PLUS Interiors committee chairman, that delivered BEAM PLUS Interiors (BI) rating tool, for offices and shops in Hong Kong, and it has already been used in China.

    Learn more about rating tools

    Reflective White Roof

    reflective white roof

    A reflective white roof is "green" solution, a reflective white roof is more effective to reduce solar heat gain and lowering air conditioning running costs than a green lawn....learn more

    Kelcroft helps improve your environmental score card, using tried and test techniques, call us today telephone +(852) 2335 9830

    Green is Good

    Overflowing landfills, and the increasing cost of pollution are some of the factors that continue to drive business costs higher. But it does not need to be that way, smarter, higher performance buildings can lower your business costs and open new markets.

    Society is rapidily changing too, the link bewteen pollution and health has been proven and costed, in turn customers demand greener products, and lower pollution.

    Government's across the planet are also learning about externalities, studies show the link bewteen air pollution and increasing healthcase costs. Therefore adopting green building will reduce pollution, the result, lower heathcare costs.

    Kelcroft helps improve your business environmental score card, using tried and test techniques, call us today telephone +(852) 2335 9830

    Industry Greening

    Industry and the manufacturing sector face the same challenges today.

    Government's have a stricter attitude demanding stronger environmental compliance, requiring lower carbon emissions, lower water consumption, and reduced waste.

    Factories need to be more sustainable from day one, using materials sourced from renewable sources, or waste reused as the raw material for the next process.

    Industrial processes often create waste heat, high grade waste heat is a valuable resource, it can be used for pre-heating water, water heating or even air conditioning, that may be used on site or exported to the adjacent factory, lower ing energy use and cutting costs.

    Circular Economy

    The whole concept of 'waste' needs urgent reform, when money is the only metric, companies are required to make financial decisions based on cost alone, but there are alternatives for industry:

    1. Gypsum a byproduct from power station scrubbers is the raw material for a gypsum dry wall factory, or feedstock for organic farming;
    2. heat energy, a byproduct of power stations typically dumped in to the sea, or heat from manufacturing process is instead use to power distict cooling or district heating systems;
    3. A byproduct from the coal mining industry is instead used as the raw material to manufacture ceramic tiles;
    4. Ceramic tile maker from Spain, has floor tile system that does not require grout, so at the end of life, the tiles can be removed without jack hammer, and can be even reused elsewhere;
    5. Housing estate (the whole estate) municipal solid waste (MSW) is the free fuel for a local waste to energy facility to power lighting;
    6. Glass bottles are used to replace sand for manufacuring eco-blocks paving blocks;

    There are many possibilites, demand more design, not less.

    "Energy is Sustainability"

    Gro Harlem Brundtland
    Brundtland Commission

    "Fat Pipes" means having lower piping pressure drop with the resulting lower pumping and energy costs for the life-span of the factory. even designing out obstructions aids lowering pumping energy costs (an expense for the life time of the equipment).

    If you have questions about your green production or manufacturing operations our energy and process experts take a fresh view, lowering those important production costs, call us today +(852) 2335-9830

    Green Offices

    Green building rating tools have developed from certifying whole buildings to individual offices for fitting-out and renovation projects.

    BEAM PLUS Interiors (BI) is a rating tool for designing healthy office accommodation. Customers are tired of greenwashing, diesel buses are green? but a BEAM certificate deomostrates your environmental credentials to your stakeholders.

    A BEAM PLUS Interiors (BI) certificate provides real evidence for your customers learn more about Kelcroft's consulting service.

    Energy Audits

    Ms. Gro Harlem Brundtland stated at MIECF that 'Energy' is the most critical part of sustainability, and Kelcroft conducts EMSD energy audits and energy efficiency assessments.

    John Herbert said "Like it or not, sustainablity and energy are two sides of the same coin"

    Why build Green?

    Green building provides high quality, more durable, efficient, environmentally sensible buildings. Building green helps reduce excess and waste, creating a sustainable, more efficient, high performance building. It could also keep your business viable, because old inefficient plants maby be forced into closure.

    We help plan and design sustainable industry and commercial buildings to engage Kelcroft contact us today!

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