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CAD Drawings

CAD is a drawing tool, a valuable engineering asset assisting our engineers develop, model, and assess complex E&M technical challenges.

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Techniques are employed during design stage to study and optimise design solutions, and post installation to help identify performance deficiencies.

CAD ductwork drawing

Kelcroft uses Licensed AutoCAD software, creating CAD drawings for all your needs. CAD drawing - Need to convert old drawings into CAD format call the CAD experts.

Click here to view sample detail drawing (A4 PDF)


Need for speed

After learning the CAD basics, the logical next step for an engineer is learning LISP programming. It helps create quality CAD drawings, on time - every time.

For example, one of the repetitive drawing tasks is creating 2D lighting circuit layouts, typical done by hand creating arcs to indicate lighting circuit, labelling and then repeat........

CAD, LISP, electrical wiring

At Kelcroft we think harder, drawings created faster save time and money. To reduce the workload and create consistent drawings we create programmes that speeds drafting tasks - see a screen capture above.

Now lighting circuiting  layouts take 1/10th of time, that means faster, quality drawings, and that speed translates into lower costs for our clients.

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