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Carbon Audit

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

What is Carbon Audit

Your customers determine the positioning of your business and brand, however increased social awareness now offers business a golden opportunity to strengthen the perception of your business and your brand.

Consumers seek signposts, as a way to differentiate between products, and they prefer to do business with environmentally smart companies. Opting for a carbon audit gives you the chance to market to those consumers, but also provides opportunities to lower operating costs at the same.

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What does Carbon Footprint mean?

The carbon audit is a systematic review and scientific calculation which provides the annual greenhouse gas (GHG), a measure of the impact of your business in one metric.

Your total GHG emission in one year is also called your carbon footprint.

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What does Carbon Neutral mean?

After your carbon audit you will recieve the annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, also sometimes called your carbon footprint.

Some organisations opt to offset the environmental impact of the GHG emissions, if the quantity of offsetting matches the annaul emission, the organisation is said to be carbon neutral.

Sometimes an event organiser might choose to hold a carbon neutral event, where the GHG boundary is limited only to emissions related to the event.

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Carbon Audit Standards

For a level playing field the Hong Kong Carbon Audit guideline is used for carbon audit in Hong Kong. Therefore one may compare the carbon emissions since they have the same basis (emission factors being the most important metric).

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