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Carbon Neutral

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Organisation use fuel, directly or indirectly including electricity causing a proportional carbon emission release into the atmosphere this emissions are also known as GreenHouse Gases (GHG) emissions.

The total carbon emission per year is known as the carbon footprint, and Carbon Neutral is a term used for strategy seeks to offset the anuaual carbon with carbon emmissions saved elsewhere, called an offset.

Carbon Neutral

Although lowering carbon emissions lowers the quantity and cost of purchasing the offset, lowering emissions is not always a primary goal, causing some criticism of this mechanism. Increasing Carbon Emissions are countered with larger offset, in other words its a paying for pollution model.

Often carbon is emitted in part of the world, but offset in another country, therefore local emissions are impacts are not addressed.

carbon footprintCarbon Neutral

There are many financially viable options to help you tackle increasing fuel costs and climate change - one strategy to help drive your business forward is becoming a carbon neutral organization.

Carbon Neutral

Kelcroft helps create valued added solution strategies to meet these challenges, saving you money, reducing pollution and simultaneously helping reduce your carbon footprint.

And that requires a skillset including green building, energy, and operations, that Kelcroft does provide.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint essentially identifies your existing carbon consumption based on scientific principles, finding the quantity of carbon used to operate your business, and importantly find solutions to lower your carbon deficit.

Carbon Neutral

Most businesses are carbon positive, Kelcroft develops solution strategies to lower your footprint, and can help acquire offsets (purchase of carbon credits) to balance that carbon emitted during your regular business activities.

The carbon footprint is based on scientific principles, where the equivalent impacts are calculated based on the energy usage, and hence the carbon created during operation of your home, office or factory.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Obvious as it may sound, lowering your carbon emission means lowering your energy consumption, and environmental impact helping create a more sustainable business. And Kelcroft has the skills and qualifications to delivery real carbon savings because we have those important skills and experience.

Carbon Neutral

Kelcroft carbon Audit identifies your direct and indirect carbon loading, and offers creative solutions to lower your carbon impact.

If you operate multiple chillers, our expertise can lower your energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint.

We also provided specialist energy audits that identify a roadmap to save energy, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Kelcroft creates innovative smarter energy solutions that improve your bottom-line period

What next? call discuss carbon neutrality today!

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