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Carbon Audit - Getting to Zero Carbon

John Herbert | Director

Carbon neutrality, or zero carbon is increasingly the goal for business. So what does it mean? It means finding your present carbon fingerprint and find a strategy to reduced it. Our simple three stage approach would include:

1) Measure and monitor your carbon footprint - if you don't monitor it, you cannot manage it. A Kelcroft Carbon Audit tracks down and records your carbon footprint.

2) After establishing that baseline the next step plan, where possible, to eliminate, reduce, or lower your carbon load. 

3) The remaining or excess carbon balance that cannot be practically eliminated would be offset. That means purchasing gold standard carbon certificates bring your business to zero carbon or carbon neutral. 

One of the many tools to help lower your carbon impact is improving your energy efficiency. For production facilities alternative production methods, and cleaner production technology lowers the carbon load.

carbon audit

Carbon Auditing Standards

Kelcroft has adopted the Hong Kong Carbon Audit guideline as the standard for all carbon auditing in Hong Kong. This guideline provides a level playing field for greenhouse gas emission comparison within Hong Kong only.

carbon audit

Good for Business

Getting to zero carbon is good for business, it lowers both the cost of doing business and environmental impact. Increasingly it is becoming a business requirement, suppliers for international corporations need to declare their carbon impacts as a pre-condition for doing business.

Kelcroft advises, manages, and helps solve the zero carbon problem,  lowering your overheads, lowering the environmental impact of your business and leaving you free to focus on your core competency.

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