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Club Licensing

by John Herbert - DIRECTOR

Club license - Licensing advice Hong Kong :: Kelcroft

Waiting for a licence?

In a town where time is money, I know how long it takes to wade through the layers of red tape to obtain a licence in Hong Kong, whether it is for your dream club license or restaurant license.

Without doubt most important step is choosing the right premises, you can avoid many of the pitfalls and problems from the outset making your life simpler, and getting your ideas earning sooner!

If you are yearning to open your dream restaurant with an outside seating area (read more about OSA), an exclusive club or cafe, and don't want to rent a money pit.

Licensing Consultant

Whether you need a food factory license, or restaurant, the basic requirements are the same, our licensing expertise helps you open on-time.

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Mr John Herbert is the director at Kelcroft. He designed and supervised the first improvised sprinkler installation approved by FSD. He designed services for McDonalds, Fat Angelos, Dan Ryans amongst others. He has waded through red tape for more than twenty years transforming ideas into reality.

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