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Testing and Commissioning Commissionability

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Reducing the risk and the financial consequences is critical for every property developer, contracts often contain heavy penalties for delay, but in real life assigning liability can be difficult, even using the standard form of contract.

Therefore, property developers increasingly adopt a single contract package, providing a single point of contact to administer projects, with the main advantage being all the risks and liabiliies will be borne by the Contractor. The downside, all the process and decisions once handled by the developer are now handled by the Contractor, with little transparency.


And that includes various important functions such as Commissioning (Cx).

Commissioning is the process of taking static components into operation, as a complete system, and ensuring the systems perform, meeting the requirements of the design intent and owners needs.

In the past Testing and Commissioning (T&C) was viewed as a last minute chore, not really part of the works, just something to be completed before handover. Often the key handover documents were delivered years late and a pound short of expectations.


One of the key reasons poor buildings were delivered was the missing Testing and Commissioning processes before handover, leaving the building owner taking over a new building that does not perform as intended. And some buildings, a decade after handover still do not perform correctly.

During the contract, slippage coupled with the pressure of finanical penalties meant that the time allocated at commencement for Testing and Commissioning was squeezed out of the programme, a few weeks became days. Obviously several weeks work cannot be compressed into days, so the finishing activities such as Testing and Commissioning (T&C) the systems were curtailed.

In response to the problem, Green building rating tools, such as LEED and BEAM, demanded comprehensive Testing and Commissioning records, and contracts were revised to ensure that T&C could not be relegated to the last day before handover.

Trying to resolve T&C difficulties after installation is complete is both time consuming and very expensive, creating additional pressure for more shortcuts.

Reviewing the unexpected "surprises" ocurring during the Testing and Commissioning phase it is apparent that the underlying root cause could have been resolved, on paper, months before the commencement of the physical T&C process.

Not only T&C problems, O&M requirements, including arrangements made for inspection and maintenance can be resolved on paper, before the equipment is installed, a welcome improvement for the future building operators.

Its important, particularly for hotels built before the hotelier management contract is signed, providing confidence that T&C and O&M were addressed before installation work started.

Commissionability commissioned Cx

Commissionability Report

Commissionability is the term used for a comprehensive desktop review of the contract documents including the shop drawings to ensure that the systems to be installed are capable of being commissioned efficiency and effectively, and therefore reducing the risk of any last minute T&C surprises that could cause a dispute and or delay the project.

Commissionability HK asia
Can it be commissioned?

Kelcroft's expertise and experience, gained over three continents including Europe and Asia, provides the knowlegde to prepare a a detail commissionability review and reporting findings, with solutions in engineering language that both architects and engineers can understand.

Experience is key, because the commissionability review "should" happen before the equipment schedule is finalised, which is advantagous, because once the equipment is arrived on site changes can be expensive.

Commissionable system
Can the MEP Systems be Commissioned?

CIBSE commissioning code defines a commissionable system as a system that can be commissioned using CIBSE Commissioning Code M.

Typically commissioning problems only emerge after the installation work is completed and commissioning works start.

Instead, a commissionability review identifies those obstacles on the drawing board, that avoids delay, and its cheaper and faster to just change the drawings.

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Commissionability commissioning HK asia

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