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Commissioning Audit

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Kelcroft's commissioning audit is the real time process to verify that the building delivered at handover has been properly tested, commissioned, and is operating as intended.

commissioning audit

We are the independent eyes and ears for the entire commissioning process, starting from auditing the contractors commissioning plan, then fieldwork, and T&C record keeping.

The goal is ensuring that after building commissioning is complete, the engineering systems operate in accordance with the design intent.

commissioning audit
Above: Central Chiller plant analysis - wasting energy

The construction of buildings is somewhat unique in that each building is different, and each has different set of complex engineering systems. And in Asia, all commercial buildings have air conditioning systems, however the type and configuration varies from building to building, so each is an individual project.

The commissioning processes for a building using VRV air conditioning is different to commissioning a building with a 3000kw central chiller plant being one obvious example.

The range and capacity of the engineering systems installed in modern buildings is vast, therefore person responsible for auditing the commissioning work needs an enormous range of knowledge to effectively oversee the process, and if necessary correct any errors during the T&C processes.

John Herbert

And under modern construction contracts, all the duties and resposibilities rest soley on a single Contractor, so its rather difficult to understand the T&C processes until after handover, when the T&C records are provided for review, in practical terms is too late. Therefore, auditing the commissioning work should be carried in real time.

commissioning audit

Engaging Kelcroft for real time commissioning audit provides piece of mind, knowing that whole T&C process is independently monitored, from the commissionability study, commissioning plan, site work,through to record keeping.

Its important to choose commissioning auditor with the right knowledge and deepth of experience. International experience dealing with a range of E&M systems would be critical. With our knowledge we can also help the contractors complete the T&C work in complex environments.

Our international experience including UK, Middle East, and Asia, our work troubleshooting MEP problems, and our body of energy audit work that provides a unique range of skills and knowledge to offer real time, independent auditing for building commissioning.

commissioning audit

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