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Can it be commissioned? Commissionability

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A Commissionability study is a pre-installation review of the engineering drawings and or shop drawings to determine if the engineering systems can be properly commissioned.

And if not, what remedial work, corrective actions, measures, or procedures are required to ensure the installation will be commissioned properly.


Trying to resolve T&C difficulties after the plant is installed is time consuming and very expensive process, potential causing delays, creating additional pressure for completion and potential more shortcuts.

Obstacles preventing a smooth T&C process can be solved on drawing board months before the commencement of the physical T&C process by conducting commissionability study at pre-installation stage.

A word about ASHRAE 0 design review, ignore it.

However, the full range of knowledge and experience is needed to be able conduct such studies.

Its important, particularly for hotels built before the hotelier management contract is signed, to conduct commissionability study providing confidence that T&C is properly addressed and managed before installation work starts.

Commissionability commissioned Cx, pre-installation review

Commissionability Report

Commissionability is the term used for a comprehensive desktop pre-installation review of the contract documents including submittals and the shop drawings to ensure that the systems to be installed are capable of being commissioned efficiency and effectively, therefore reducing the risk of any last minute T&C surprises that could cause a dispute and or delay the project.

Regarding submittals, US companies providing equipment are ahead of the game, most manufacturers provide the submittals on their web site! Elsewhere, and here is Asia, submittals seem to be treated as top secret documents, rarely seen in public.

commissionability HK and asia

Can the building commissioned? Problems are highlighted in RED on the drawings, before starting construction

Kelcroft's expertise and experience, gained over three continents including Europe and Asia, provides the knowledge to prepare a commissionability report with solutions in engineering language that both architects and engineers can understand.

Experience is key, because the commissionability review often happens before the contractors equipment schedule is finalised, therefore the reviewer needs to know the potential problems and solutions without referencing manufacturer data.

Commissionability, checking service point

Commissionable Systems
Can the MEP Systems be Commissioned?

CIBSE commissioning code defines a commissionable system as a system that can be commissioned using CIBSE Commissioning Code M.

The core problem is that typically commissioning problems only emerge after commencement of commissioning work, it sits on the critical path, one of the final activities before handover.

Near the end of the project, its likely that any float has already been used, so any delay that impacts the completion of the project, and it becomes super critical item, includes commissioning.

Conducting commissionability analysis is designed to avoid critical path delays.

Commissionability study HK

Our commissionability analysis identifies those problems and obstacles on the drawing board, that avoids delay, its cheaper and faster to change the drawings than change installed work.

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