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Continuous Commissioning

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The idea behind Continuous Commissioning concept is is sound, although using the use of the term "commissioning" is somewhat dubious, because CIBSE defines "commissioning" as starting and advancing static systems into operation, and start-up only occurs once. The interesting part of this concept is "continuous" and should be developed further.

Operating buildings without any peroidic check-up or tune-up wastes energy, we know this from decades of building experience, and energy audits, we have mountains of evidence.

Whatever term is used retro-commissioning, continuous commissioning, constant commissioning, periodic tuning is the key metric.

continuous commissioning building tuning repeated commissioning

And the periodic updating of O&M records seems to be a lost art, the original manuals and very often drawings not updated to reflect the current installation, and finding T&C and design data is a challenge.

Since some drawings are better nothing, the record drawings should include the relevant T&C data. Ideally records including drawings should be continuously updated, to include A&A works, improvement works, etc. in one master set of records.

continuous commissioning building tuning repeated commissioningUnintended central chiller plant operating at midnight

Constant Commissioning

In this context "Continuous Commissioning" does not actually mean continuously, it means periodic, with a frequent tuning, and a departure from the idea that T&C is only carried once.

The terms are unimportant, tuning, re-tuning, energy auditing, continuous commissioning or continuous energy auditing, its the cyclic process, that is the important issue.

commissioning building

It's important because a cyclic process will save energy, and perhaps it might force building managers to repeatedly report lost money, and possible cut cutting measures to the building owner.

Another reason to avoid in-action, even a small defect can cause huge losses if you ignore it for ten years.

Our energy auditing discovered that a TST building owner had been spending HK$ 72K per year unnecessarily, for each of the last ten years, therefore lost HK$ 720K, before we corrected the issue.

continuous commissioning building tuning repeated commissioning

And a cyclic process is desperately needed, our energy audits have revealed shocking neglect, and defferred maintenance, wasting energy.

continuous commissioning building tuning repeated commissioning

Another Tool

Kelcroft has conducted detailed energy audits that cut the building energy operating cost, without sacrificing occupational comfort.

One of the most frequent recommendations is re-commissioning/continuous commissioning/building tuning, because building may appear to be static the engineering within is constantly changing, motors, drives, etc. are changed, sometimes the replacement equipment has a different duty, and details are rarely properly documented.

continuous commissioning building tuning repeated commissioning

We have also discovered heat recovery systems, intended to save energy, installed backwards, actually increasing running costs, clearly nobody knew. And that is a common theme, our independant checking, can identify the root cause and solutions.

continuous commissioning building tuning repeated commissioning

But the key question, how did they manage to issue a commissioning report for the heat recovery plant in the first place? To quote the building manager " has never worked", that in a nutshell explains the importance of T&C, wasted energy for years before calling independant experts.

Would you operate run your car without servicing? Yet buildings are operated for years without a professional check-up

Finding and identifying energy waste, energy auditing reveals the underlying losses, don't be left in the dark.

Retro Commissioning (RCx)

What is Retro-Commissioning?
Retro commissioning is the term used to re-adjust, re-balance existing engineering systems, such that the engineering systems operate as intended.

For example during our energy audit work we have found that systems are incorrectly adjusted, causing energy losses, retro-commissioning corrects those defects...learn more....

Ultimately, decent documentation is needed for every property, including a full set of testing and commissioning records, with periodic monitoring to ensure energy efficient operation, for further information call us today!

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