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HVACR Commissioning Hong Kong

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Broadly CIBSE defines Commissioning as advancing completed static system(s) into operation.

Implicitly, that definition points us towards the later stages in the construction process, typically on the critical path, yet its critical activity to ensure that the HVACR systems function as intended.

In practice, to reach that stage, when "static components can be advanced into operation" requires hours of pre-commissioning planning and preparation.

hvacr commissioningAbove: HVACR commissioning chillers

Acting as the building owners representative, Kelcroft is the right choice, providing independent oversight of the HVACR commissioning process. Equally, beside the typical HVACR systems it important to have knowlegde for all the HVACR systems, managing a process first requires complete understanding of the plant under review.

hvacr commissioningAbove: HVACR commissioning solving chiller issues

HVACR systems do not stand in isolation, there are part of the collective, that together govern the operation of the built environment. HVACR commissioning is complex, so much so that countless guides are available for different elements including automatic controls, BMS, fire services, refrigeration, waterside, smoke ventilation, electrical, etc. etc.

hvacr site checking testing and commissioningAbove: checking HVACR waterside commissioning valve settings

Regional Experience

Organisations have recognised Kelcroft's unique skills and knowledge, we have added value to organisations operating in Qatar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Burma, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and China.

Kelcroft's international expertise, gained across three continents helps ensure HVACR systems are commissioned and operate as intended before handover.

This type of experience means we have learned from HVACR processes in different regions, and able to determine if the HVACR commissioning regime proposed by the contractor(s)is complete and practical.

Why is that important? because the work is typically sub-divided into numberous sub-contract and sub-sub contract packages, and the installer or supplier may not have any T&C responsibiliies under that sub-contract.

HVACR commissioning

The BMS and hvac packages requires an extraordinary degree of coordination and integration between contractors and contracts often signed at different times and ususally based on a different drawings. Routine HVAC plant, such as air handlers, requires electrical, waterside, airside, acoustic, plumbing drainage, fire services and BMS controls to be coordinated.

HVACR Commissionability

Can the HVACR systems be commissioned? Our HVACR commissionability study examines the systems on the drawing board to iron out potential commissioning problems at an early stage, avoiding VO's, claims, and delays during the critical handover phase.

Construction projects are dynamic in nature, with hundreds, if not thousands of revisions, which will certainly impact the HVACR commissioning.

HVACR commissioningSolving HVACR commissioning on the drawing board

To order an independent HVACR commissioning package call us today!

HVACR commissioning

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