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Commissioning Management

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Kelcroft helps organisations verify that the delivered product, in this case the building, is operating as intended before handover.

commissioning management hk

Kelcroft acts as the independent eyes and ears for the entire process starting by review of the contractors commissioning plan, then site fieldwork, and O&M documentation review.

commissioning management hk
Above:Chiller plant analysis - wasting energy

The construction of new buildings is somewhat uniquie in that each building is different, and each has different set of complex engineering systems. In Asia, all commercial buildings have air conditioning systems, but the types and configuration varies from building to building, so each is an individual.

At the commencement of a project time is normally allocated in the master programme for Testing and Commissioning, but delays occur, the float is used, but the pressure to deliver the project on time erodes that critical time allowed for T&C to almost zero.

And under modern contracts were all the duties and resposibilities rest on one contractor its actaully difficult to understand the T&C processes until after handover, and then it is too late.

commissioning management hk

Engaging Kelcroft for commissioning management gives the building owner piece of mind, someone is independently monitoring the on-going commissioning, following the commissioning plan, monitoring and validating the T&C records.

Retro Commissioning (RCx)

What is Retro-Commissioning?
Retro commissioning is the term used to re-adjust, re-balance existing engineering systems, such that the engineering systems operate as orginally intended.

For example during our energy audit work we have found that systems have been changed, incorrectly adjusted, equipment replaced with different ratings, etc. these changes can cause excessive energy losses, and its the intent of retro-commissioning to correct..learn more....

Commissionability commissioning management HK asia

Ultimately, tracking the whole of the commissioning process ideally coupled with periodic monitoring is required to ensure energy efficient operation, for further information call us today!

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