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Testing Adjusting Balancing (TAB) Commissioning Hong Kong

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John Herbert

Testing and Commissioning a new building is a multi-stage process designed to ensure that the building operates as intended before handover to client, therefore a complete understanding those systems is a neccessity.

Experienced Testing and Commissioning (T&C) management for new and existing buildings.

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing, also known as TAB, are part of the whole process often called testing and commissioning process. T&C does not start at the end of the project, different systems have procedures, that need to be carried progressively during the project, for example:

After electrical first fix, the installation is inspected continunity and insulation (mega) testing is carried out.

After electrical motor first fix, the motor is inspected and insulation test is carried out.

After hydraulic piping first fix, the installation is inspected and hydraulic pressure test carried out.

After gas first fix, the installation is inspected and hydraulic pressure test carried out.

After ductwork first fix the installation is inspected, and depending on the specification and pressure rating of the ductwork, pressure tests are carried out on the high pressure systems.

After refrigeration first fix, the installation is inspected, flushed and pressure test is carried out.

In all cases, irrespective of the contractor installing the systems, the results of the inspection and recorded measurements are logged and form part of the commissioning report delivered to the building owner.

Similar to the first fix duties, after the second fix installation is complete, the works are inpsected, tests are carried out, in preparation for the adjusting and balancing processes.

It is worth noting that some specifications require equipment to the tested by the manufacturer in the factory before the equipment is approved for transportation, for example, HVAC chillers, Air Aandling Units, refrigeration units, pressure vessels, switchboards, etc. it also known as FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and often witnessed by the building owner.

Testing Adjusting Balancing - commissioning valve hk

Adjusting and Balancing

After the basic testing is finished, and the basic components have now been assembled into functional systems, then each system is inspected to ensure all the necessary equipment is provided, installed, and engergized.

Each system has different measures and methods for adjustment and fine tuning, to ensure the completed package conforms with the design intent.

But first closed circuit hydaulic systems, such as chilled water, and air distribtion systems that require balancing must be balanced first, before finally adjusting the prime mover.

Systems with equipment such as pumps that provide different levels of performance shall be be measured, compared with the design intent, and where necessary adjusted to match the requirement.

Once the initial TAB is complete, functional tests are carried out to ensure the overall performance of the system9s) achieves the design intent.

For example, after the electrical, contorls, chiller plant, chilled water pumps, and air handling units are operating and adjusted, the temperature and humidity conditions in the space are measured to demonstrate that the system(s) functions correctly.

testing adjusting balance TAB

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