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Testing and Commissioning

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Testing and Commissioning is often the last and vital stage in the construction process, and its important to ensure that building is properly delivered, and operates as intended.

In the construction industry the testing and commissioning process is usually the first victim, every project has challenges often causing some delay, and any float is quickly used by inclement weather or other reasons. And when the handover date is fixed, the time left for testing and commissioning, the last process on the critical path shinks.

commissioning validation commissioning valve
commissioning valve on the drawings

Acting as the building owners representative, Kelcroft is the right choice, your independent eyes and ears for the testing and commissioning process, from reviewing the contractors commissioning plan (CXP) through to checking the settings (commissioning valve site checking photo) on site.

testing and commissioning
Site checking commissioning valve

We understand, perhaps more than others, the value of testing and commissioning, our extensive work in buildings requires collecting records including testing and commissioning, record drawings, and manuals, as part of our data collection process, but all too often records cannot be found.

In light of decades of experience, T&C data should be recorded on As-fitted drawings because often only the drawings survive, and would provide invaluable for future investigations whether its troubleshooting, retro-commissioning or energy auditing.

Kelcroft's international expertise, gained across three continents helps ensure that better buildings, with testing and commissioning records, are delivered today!

Thermal Infrared Testing and Commissioning

Thermal infrared scanning of completed electrical panels (operating un full load) verifies that the electrical connections and cabling are not defective, and providing visual assurance for the building owner that the testing and commissioning stage has been completed.

To order independent testing and commissioning package call us today!

testing and commissioning

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