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Condition Survey Report

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The challenges facing those who own, operate, and occupy buildings have significantly changed over the years, dramatic changes in the complexity of Building Services Installation (air conditioning, electrcial, lighting, fire services, plumbing, drainage, and controls) and the maintenance of building services (M&E) systems demands experience.

Couple that with changing legislation creates additional risk and duty of care obligations for owners.

condition survey report Hong Kong
Hotel Fire Escape Lighting Malfunctioned
credit: John A. Herbert

To tackle these challenges, Kelcroft's professional technical services helps clients involved in property development, construction and maintenance. We advise developers, owners, and tenants of both commercial, industrial, healthcare, institutional, and residential sectors, whilst you focus on your core business.

condition survey report Hong Kong
Non-compliant electrical installation could be a fire hazard
photo credit: John A. Herbert

Condition Survey Report

condition survey report Hong Kong

You need to ensure that reasonable precautions and measures have been taken, Kelcroft's professional E&M full condition surveys provides peace of mind. After a fire or after a power outage it's too late. Also known as E& M inspection

Kelcroft's condition survey comprises a site inspection, regulatory review, and reporting findings for your M&E infrastructure, including building services, steam, condensate, compressed air, and process services.

We deliver a comprehensive report covering the condition, operational status, serviceability, and valuation of your existing building services plant and equipment.

We have discovered design problems, installation problems and deferred maintenance. For example one survey revealed damaged capacitor controlling the building power factor correction system. In another case, duplicate thermostats were found counter controlling the same air handling unit.

condition survey report Hong Kong

Our Full Condition Surveys are tailored to suit your precise needs, for example, a common request is the pre-purchase survey, or perhaps you need a data centre equipment survey, or busbar inspection.

We also provided custom investigations, for example the condition survey of your steam systems, or perhaps its your air conditioning system.

Infrared Assisted Full Condition Survey

Kelcroft can also provide in-house infra-red survey to idendify minor problems before they escalate.

Prevention is the key, with our state of the art IR camera reveals problems the human eye cannot detect, and it provides the opportunity to fix issues before a major outage occurs....learn more

condition survey report Hong Kong
photo credit: John A. Herbert

condition survey report Hong Kong
Kelcroft thermal scan of electrical installation
the infra-red image red/orange is hottest purple is cooler
photo credit: John A. Herbert

Our infrared camera is a tool we use to assist Kelcroft condition surveys, it can idendify problems in engineering systems vital for your building operation before disaster strikes, for example, motors and electrical circuits without interupting operations, its a new but recognised no-contact inspection method. Learn more about Kelcroft's E& M inspection

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