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BMS and HVACR Controls

Kelcroft helps and guide creation of the right strategies, saving you money and simultaneously helping reduce your environmental footprint for smarter building automation.

BMS controls

Our energy drive adoption of energy consumption and energy performance standards for the audit, design, construction, refurbishment and management of the hotels and resorts in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Advances in technology can be implemented today, saving future demand, and of course, saving money.

Energy Efficiency

In commercial buildings upto 70% of the total building energy cost is used to provide air-conditioning, therefore smart energy controls can drive your operating costs lower, saving moeny and giving your business a competitive edge.

Our energy management consultancy services covers a range of systems and encompass:

  • Cogeneration
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Cooling Tower audit
  • Design Review
  • Energy Audit
  • Energy Targets
  • Energy Mining
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Heat Recovery
  • Investment Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Renewable Energy Design
  • Stoichiometric Analysis
  • Sustainable Building
  • Tariff Analysis
  • Waste Energy Recovery

  • pollution prevention

    Reduced fossil fuel availability, coupled with Governmental and societal pressure will drive building owners to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon dioxide emissions. Whether these measures are implemented by constraining energy usage or perhaps implementing a carbon levy it is too early to say.

    BMS and Automation

    Organising the automation systems for buildings is far more complex than simply identifying the end use, intergrating, or interfacing plant and equipment from different vendors with different protcols is challenging, add to that the advent of smart devices and IOT devices which can be independently and silently upgraded over the internet this can cause fresh communications issues and system failures.

    bms dataAbove: Data demonstrates faulty VSD

    Often the control and operation of rooms has remained unchanged since the invention of the light bulb itself. The occupant unlocks the door with a physical key, the security systems logs the door is open while the user reaches inside the room to find a bank of switches including the lighting switch.

    bms dataAbove: BMS data, not all BMS results are data

    Flicking some light switches gives the user enough light to wander around the room searching for the Air conditioning switch(s) to start the Air conditioning system. At startup the space temperature is not comtfortable, its too hot, inevitabely the thermostat is manipulated with the hope that the room will cool down faster, it does not help, but they try anyway. After a hard day of work the user in the rush to leave forgets to switch off the lights.

    It's not the 19th century, we have a better way!

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