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EMSD Cooling Tower Inspection

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Kelcroft provides the Cooling Tower annual audit report prepared in accordance with the EMSD requirement detailed in the current EMSD code of practice for cooling tower operation.

EMSD annual cooling tower report

Since the year 2000 Hong Kong permitted the use of fresh water cooling towers for Air Conditioning systems, in 2016 there were approx. 9,000 cooling towers installed in Hong Kong.

EMSD annual cooling tower report

Annual EMSD Auditing Report

The EMSD cooling tower code requires each cooling tower system to be inspected, it comprises

1. site inspection of cooling towers

2. review of the following documentation:

  • approved schematic drawing
  • water quality lab reports
  • maintenance records
  • O&M manual

The findings are provided in a written cooling tower inspection report and issued to EMSD. The report should idendify any defects discovered, and importantly the risk of causing Legionella infection.

EMSD annual cooling tower report

To order your ESMD cooling tower audit inspection call us today!

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