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Cooling Tower Installation

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Cooling towers and heat rejection equipment to operate efficiently need to be designed and installed correctly.

Besides the technical criteria, having suffient capacity, what are the top three criteria for positioning a cooling tower?

  • location
  • location
  • location

  • Cooling Tower Location

    incorrect cooling tower installation
    Photo Above: Cooling Tower Installation photographed in December 2005, the cooling tower breaks all the rules, pollution and organics near intake, and cooling tower discharge into public walkway.

    Why is the cooling tower location so critical? Cooling towers need to be located in a safe position, avoid discharging into occupied area.

    1. If the cooling tower air flow discharge short circuits to the tower intake, the energy efficiency drops dramatically
    2. Where the cooling tower does not function correctly, the efficiency and output of the air conditioning is impacted
    3. Cooling tower water can harbour and support the potentially deadly Legionella bacteria the causative agent for Legionnaires disease. Internationally recognised guidelines have been prepared to help mitigate the owners risk and help lower the risk of human Legionellosis infection.
    4. discharge should be located far from air intakes positions becasue it may contain Legionella bacteria

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