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Cooling Tower Management

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Air-conditioning and process systems need to reject unwanted heat from a process or a building and often use cooling towers. Building air conditioning chiller systems and injection moulding machines are common applications cooling towers.

Cooling towers offer a water based evaporative cooling system, that provide owners with significant benefits over air-cooled systems, including lower energy costs, smaller size, and lower sound levels.

Cooling towers use just a small percentage of the total energy used in air-cooled systems, and a well-maintained cooling tower enables the entire cooling system to perform more reliably and ensures that energy users get the most from their investment.

In 2000, 32% of the total electricity consumption in Hong Kong was used to drive air-conditioning, converting to water based technology, i.e. cooling towers, offers superior energy advantages, reducing power station air pollution and keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

cooling tower management

Water Based Cooling Towers

Since the launch of the Government cooling tower pilot scheme initiative in 2000, the scheme has been gradually widened covering additional districts, the outlying Islands, and Kowloon.

If your commercial building or unit is within the permitted zone one may apply. Don't forget, you need not convert an entire building, individual premises, such as large restaurants may apply too.

cooling tower energy efficient operation

The costs savings are impressive, 50% can be achieved, since the scheme was introduced 100's of commercial buildings have switched over to cooling towers, there are about 9000 cooling towers in Hong Kong.

Troubleshooting Cooling Towers

Many cooling tower systems do not operating as intended and consume more energy than the promised savings indicated, at Kelcroft our unique blend of expertise, identifies, and resolves cooling tower problems.

Many systems use the open direct type cooling towers, possibly due to the lower first cost, and later run into performance difficulties. Cooling towers In addition to the primary purpose, cooling condenser water, they are efficient air cleaners. Air circulated through the tower is scrubbed, removing the dirt and debris from the air, depositing it into the condenser water. If you have an open direct type cooling tower, that dirt will collect in the condenser water system, forming mud's and sludge.

cooling tower management

Also experience shows that the majority of cooling towers in Hong Kong are installed incorrectly, and are not properly integrated into the control strategy to operate at peak efficiency. The tower itself is only one part of the air conditioning system, the goal to create a reliable energy efficient total system including all the components, chillers, pumps and towers.


Of course we should not forget that cooling towers are a source of Legionella the causative agent for Legionnaires disease, and measures must be enforced to mitigate the health and safety risk.

Cooling towers are high risk, they check all the boxes, and the largest Legionella outbreaks have been linked to poorly managed cooling towers.

cooling tower management

Cooling towers require management, they cannot and should not be permitted to operate without proper maintenance. Cooling tower management is required to mitigate the associated risk of Legionella Infection.

cooling tower management

Mandatory Annual Cooling Tower Inspection

EMSD require that cooling towers systems shall be independently audited annually, Kelcroft provides EMSD annual audit service. After inspection the auditor, Kelcroft is qualified to prepare the report for EMSD in accordance with the EMSD code of practice part 2......learn more

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