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Cooling Tower Inspection

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Cooling Tower Systems in Hong Kong must undergo an independent annual inspection in accordance with EMSD code of practice Part 2.

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hong kong cooling tower inspection

Hong Kong Cooling Tower Inspection Process

The EMSD cooling tower audit requires:

1. Examine the cooling tower records;
2. Cooling Tower Inspection;
3. Assess the risk;
4. Issue audit report to EMSD and owner;

The document review shall include examining the relevant documention including the O&M manual, schematic drawing, the plan and annual records, including:

A. water treatment records and lab results;
B. maintenance records;
C. inspection records;
D. cleaning records;
E. prior audit report (if any);

The goal of the audit report is confirmation that the system was operated in accordance with code of practice and list any defects discovered.

Kelcroft has conducted Cooling Tower EMSD annual audits, and prepared reports for EMSD in accordance with the EMSD code of practice.

EMSD cooling tower audit process

Call our Hong Kong office today to order your EMSD cooling tower report.

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