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Cooling Tower Problems

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Air-conditioning and process systems use cooling towers to reject heat from the chiller or process machines. These water based cooling tower systems provide owners with significant benefits over air-cooled systems, including lower energy costs, smaller size, and lower sound levels.

Risky Cooling Tower Location

Assess the conditions around the cooling tower to identify the risks

It is important that towers are checked to ensure reliable performance and efficient operation.

cooling tower problems

In 2000, 32% of the total electricity consumption in Hong Kong was used to drive air-conditioning. Furthermore, Hong Kong buildings consume approx. 85% of all electricity generated in Hong Kong contributing significantly to local emissions. Converting to water based technology, namely cooling towers offers superior energy advantages, reduces power station pollution and helps keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

hong kong cooling towers checking

Troubleshooting Cooling Towers

Many cooling tower systems do not operating as intended, consuming more energy than the promised savings indicated, Kelcroft, with our unique blend of expertise, identifies and resolves cooling tower problems.

High Risk Cooling Tower with Interior Algae Growth

Algae growth is not permitted inside cooling towers

Many cooling towers are open, direct type cooling towers, and run into performance difficulties because in addition to their primary duty, to cool condenser water, they are efficient air cleaners.

If you have an open direct type cooling tower, that dirt will collect in the condenser water system, forming mud and sludge, and eventually plugging the fill, and the heat exchanger.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Water treatment is essential to maintain the condenser water quality is often poorly designed, or badly operated, we always find problems with the chemical water treatment systems.

Often the water treatment is delivered into bypass or side stream loop. However, this piping loop arrangement is poor, and air locking results.

Cooling Tower Controls

We know from experience that cooling towers are not always installed in correctly, and not properly integrated into the control strategy to operate at peak efficiency.

The tower itself is only one part of the air-conditioning system, the goal to create a reliable energy efficient system including all the components, chillers, pumps, and cooling towers.

Cooling Air Flow

Cooling Towers use the ambient outdoor air to cool the condenser water flowing though over the tower surfaces (the fill). If the cooling tower intake and exhaust is not properly positioned, saturated exhaust air may short circuit to the intake, causing serious operational issues.

inspecting hong kong cooling tower


We cannot overlook the relationship between cooling towers and Legionella, cooling towers are a documented source for breeding and distributing Legionella, the cause of Legionnaires disease, and measures must be monitored and enforced to mitigate the health and safety risk.

Globally, the largest Legionnaires' Disease outbreaks have being linked with,and traced to a cooling tower as the source. the risk of the explosive Legionella outbreak is real, and that demand cooling towers to be monitored and managed.

EMSD publish results of testing on the EMSD website.

Winter cooler weather

Too many articles insist that Legionella is only a risk during the warm, summer months. However, merely glancing at the evidence, indicates Legionella its not limited to summer months. Every winter infecton cases are reported disproving the theory.

Cooling Tower Regulations

In Hong Kong cooling towers owners are required to engage independent expert auditor to undertake annual cooling tower audit report, and submit to HKSAR Government.

To order your ESMD cooling tower audit report call kelcroft today.

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