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Cooling Towers

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Water Based Cooling

Air-conditioning system use cooling towers to reject heat energy extracted from the building, and factories use cooling towers to cool process machines, for example hydralic press and injection molding machines.

Water based cooling towers systems provide significant benefits over air-cooled systems, including lower energy costs, smaller size, and lower sound levels.

Cooling towers use less total energy than air cooled systems, and a well-maintained cooling tower enables the entire cooling system to perform more reliably and ensures that users get the most from their investment.

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In 2000, 32% of the total electricity consumption in Hong Kong was used to drive air-conditioning [1] converting to water based technology, i.e. cooling towers offers superior energy advantages, reduces power station air pollution and helps keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Cooling tower pilot scheme

In June 2000 a co-operative effort between various government departments introduced the fresh water energy conservation pilot scheme. Under this scheme, commercial operations may choose to use fresh water for evaporative cooling, typically employing cooling towers for heat rejection.

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cooling tower expertise solving cooling tower design and installation problems across Asia.

Cost Savings

Hong Kong air conditioning systems account for more than forty percent (40%) of commercial building energy usage, and up to seventy percent (70%) of the electrical usage. An in Hong Kong, electricity accounts for nearly 70% of emissions in 2013 data released in June 2016

The total energy cost for water based cooling tower systems are typically 13-17% lower than the dry type counterparts.

Furthermore, if we considering that the real cost of energy never diminishes, charges have risen over the last ten years, the long term outlook for water based cooling, cost savings accrue very quickly.

For example, an air conditioning system with a cooling capacity of 600Kw (approx. 170 tons), converting could save you more than HK$500,000 per year. And assuming a conservative lifespan, lets say fifteen years, a cooling tower system would save approximately HK$ 7.5 million.

In addition to the direct cost savings, there are indirect benefits too, the reduced electrical consumption means lower environmental emissions at the power station.

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Troubleshooting Cooling Towers

If your cooling tower system is not operating as intended, our cooling tower expertise helps owners identify and rectify cooling tower problems, water treatment issues, legionella issues, etc. click here to read more......

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