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Cooling Tower Energy Management

cooling tower energy efficient operation
by John A. Herbert

Air-conditioning and process systems need to reject unwanted heat from a process or a building often use cooling towers. Building air conditioning chillers and injection moulding machines are other common applications.

These evaporative water based systems provide owners with significant benefits over air-cooled systems, including lower energy costs, smaller size, and lower sound levels.

cooling tower energy efficient operation

Cooling towers use just a small percentage of the energy used in air cooled systems, and a well-maintained cooling tower enables the entire cooling system to perform more reliably and ensures that energy users get the most from their investment.

In 2016 there are approx. 9000 cooling towers in Hong Kong, many operating at low efficiency or damaged, increasing running costs, cooling towers need to be properly masnaged to maintain efficiency.

Cooling tower energy efficient operation

Troubleshooting Cooling Towers

Many cooling tower systems do not operating as intended, and consume more energy than the promised savings indicated at Kelcroft our unique blend of expertise, identifies and resolves cooling tower problems.

cooling tower energy efficient operation

Cooling Tower Legionella Risk Management

Of course, we should not forget that cooling towers are a known source for Legionella, operating in the sweet spot for bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease, so measures must be enforced to mitigate the health and safety risk.

There is a strong link between cooling towers and Legionella, around the world some of the most expolsive Legionella outbreaks were traced back to cooling towers, its important to manage the risk.

Also experience shows that the majority of cooling towers in Hong Kong are installed incorrectly, and are not properly integrated into the control strategy to operate at peak efficiency.

cooling tower energy efficient operation

HKSAR Government (EMSD) requires an independant annual audit of all cooling tower installtions to assess the risk in accordance with cooling tower code Part 2. Order a cooling tower audit today!

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