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EMSD Cooling Towers Audit Process

by John A. Herbert DIRECTOR

Annual EMSD Cooling Tower Audit

Since 2000 the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) and Water Supplies Department (WSD) has permitted the use of fresh water cooling towers for comfort Air conditioning systems, the cooling tower is the equipment used to reject heat from the chillers used to cool the building.

cooling tower EMSD audit process

Kelcroft has conducted Cooling Tower EMSD annual audits, and prepared the report for EMSD in accordance with the EMSD requirement detailed in the EMSD code of practice.

EMSD cooling tower audit process

The Process

The EMSD cooling tower audit requires examination of the cooling tower system, the relevant documention including the drawings, water treatment records, and maintenance records. The report should also idendify any defects discovered.

EMSD cooling tower audit Process ppt

cooling tower audit process

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