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Data Centre Audit

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Imagine for a moment the consequences following a power outage or air conditioning failure in your data centre, the loss may never be counted, dealing contracts and dissatisfied customers, lost confidence, the business may take months to recover.

data centre audit, data center audit

Always on is the mantra, however reality often blocks the way, the The cost of an information outage caused by just a single infrastructure failure can sometimes exceed the whole annual budget for your infrastructure operation Source: Uptime Institute.

Furthermore, while infrastructure failures only represent less than four percent (4%) of all power outage events, they account for twenty five percent of downtime.

Data centres dont operate without electrical power and air conditioning therefore the E&M infrastructure is a critical for the efficient operation of your data centre.

And unlike other environments data centres are somewhat unique, in that they are continuously evolving IT and communication requirements, technology and hardware upgrades.

therefore data centre operators must ensure that measures have been undertaken to ensure the stability and reliability of their infrastructure, and that includes an data centre audit.

Why does a data centre require an audit?

Even new data centres, between initial conception and closeout will most likely change the IT equipment hardware configuration.

Furthermore over time new hardware, and IT configurations are added to cope with increasing demand, this requires additional electrical power and computer equipment. For example newer blade servers allow more IT capacity to be fitted into a standard computer rack than ever before, but can the cooling system cope?

Unchecked expansion affects the stability of the E&M infrastructure systems

In the same way as an accountant reviews your finances to ensure that all the credits and debits matched, a data centre audit verifies that the data centre infrastructure is sound, and operating correctly.

End Users

End users often assume that a datacentre will perform as advertised, experience indicates otherwise. The US based Uptime Institute, creator of the Tier I-IV specification have added there considerable support, recommending an independent audit, trust but verify.

independent auditing recommended by Uptime Institute

Having an independent consultant audit your infrastructure provides confirmation that your teir3 datacentre delivers your promises to your customers.

Kelcroft's Data Centre Audit Service

Kelcroft's data centre audit is a systematic review assessment of the essential E&M infrastructure that supports your data centre.

It's tailor made to suit your facility, structured as follows:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Site Inspection link
  3. Infrared Inspection
  4. link
  5. Analysis
  6. Report

The result including findings from our audit, and recommendatons are presented in comprehensive written report providing scorecard for the health of your data centre.

data centre audit, data center audit, infrared scan

Kelcroft helps you creates international standard state of the art data centres, computer rooms, and mission critical facilities giving you trouble free operation and peace of mind. With millions of square feet already operational you can trust Kelcroft's expertise to design, and deliver a problem free data centre environment.

the experts recommend an Annual data centre audit to ensure that the critical systems are working at peak performance

Kelcroft's international experience delivers a competitive edge for your business.
Call us today to order your data center audit.

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