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Computer Room Hot Spots

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Imagine for a moment the consequences of a power or air conditioning failure in your computer centre, angry customers, lost business, the total loss could be counted in the millions, and your business may take months to recover.

computer room data centre hot spots computer room audit experts

The Uptime Institute (USA) report that the cost of an information outage caused by just a single infrastructure failure can sometimes exceed the whole annual budget for your infrastructure operation.

Furthermore, while computer room infrastructure failures only represent less than four percent (4%) of all outage events, they account for twenty five (25%) or more of all downtime.

Since we can't operate a high density datacenter without electrical power, and the requisite cooling, the E&M infrastructure remains a critical element for all data centric operations. Computer room managers need a to ensure that all practical measures have been undertaken to ensure the stability, and reliability. Therefore Kelcroft has created custom auditing service to meet these needs.

Why Audit?

Why does a computer room require an audit?

Unlike other environments computer rooms are unique in that they are continuously evolving. Even new build projects we have found that IT equipment configuration between the planning and closeout stages will has already changed.

computer room data centre hot spots computer room audit experts

Is your datacenter thermal control adequate

The number of computer servers worldwide has increased approximately 150 times in less than a decade.

During that same period, computing power per server has increased by a factor of ten. And some manufacturers are still forecasting growth, a further increase to over 150W/CPU/per year.

For many businesses the demands for processing power has greatly increased since their computer room was completed. And while the hardware cost of this additional processing power may have been decreasing, the operating cost of electrical power and cooling has not.

More powerful hardware is often introduced in the same rack space designed for much less advanced units. While these more powerful CPU's were being added, too often the Air conditioning equipment required to cool them was not upgraded, and probably because of the risk of disruption.

As a result computer rooms are getting getting warmer creating computer room hot spots.

In a modern computer room it is common to find most racks at near full capacity, and often populated with equipment with multiple processors. All of this extra load releases more heat than the air conditioning units can cool, and with the redundancy absorbed creating localised hot spots.

Over time new hardware, and IT configurations are also added to cope with increasing consumer demand, this requires additional electrical power and computer equipment. For example newer blade servers allow more IT capacity to be fitted into a standard computer rack than ever before, but can the air conditioning and power infrastructure cope?

Unchecked computer room expansion affects the stability of the E&M infrastructure

In the same way as an accountant reviews your finances to ensure that all the credits and debits matched, a computer room audit verifies that the infrastructure is sound, and operating correctly.

Computer Room Hot Spot Solutions

A Kelcroft computer room infrastructure audit is a technical review of the essential E&M infrastructure that underpins your entire operation creating a invaluable report card for your IT operations.

It is a systematic methodical assessment of the essential, Building Services (E&M) that support your operations.

Auditing can be structured and customized to suit your needs, a typical audit comprises:

  • Condition survey
  • Technical audit of the M&E infrastructure
  • Record site environmental data
  • Verification of management systems
  • Reliability analysis
  • point failure analysis
  • Historical outage review
  • Thermal infra-red survey

The findings from the audit investigation is packaged and presented as comprehensive report - provide a report card on the health of your data centre.


In mission critical applications, experience matters. Kelcroft's international consultancy track record help owners make smarter decisions.

  • Experience matters
  • Millions of square feet online
  • Professional responsive approach
  • Personal service
  • Trusted results

computer room data centre hot spots, computer room audit expertise
CFD Tool used for Computer room thermal design analysis

Kelcroft's international experience delivers a competitive edge for your business.
With millions of square feet already operational you can trust Kelcroft's expertise, and deliver problem free computer room environments.

Regular independent auditing ensures that your critical systems are working efficiently

Our computer room expertise includes planning, design, and technical auditing of the essential E&M systems supporting your IT business.

Further Information

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